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What is 14k gold filled?

What is 14k gold-filled?
Our 14k gold-filled jewelry is high in quality, containing one hundred times more gold than gold-plated jewelry. When properly cared for, our gold-fill is considered just as durable, lustrous, and versatile as solid gold with a longevity that far surpasses gold-plating - at a fraction of the cost of solid gold.

Gold-plate vs. gold-filled:
Gold-plating: Gold plating consists of a miniscule layer of gold-plate that is electroplated over a base metal. When the gold-plating wears off - which can occur fairly quickly - the base metal is exposed. The base metal is typically a darker brown color that does not resemble the color of gold. Once the base metal of gold-plated jewelry is exposed, you can never get the gold color back. Gold-plating will also tarnish, but unlike gold-fill or solid gold, it cannot be buffed off. The tarnishing of gold-plating, of which cannot be undone, is due to the underlying surface becoming oxidized or corroded - note that this does not occur with gold-filled or solid gold.
vs. Gold-filled: As we mentioned previously, gold-filled contains one hundred times more actual gold than gold-plated jewelry. The 14k gold color in gold-fill cannot wear off as the 14k gold is infused throughout. With 14k gold-fill, you will never be able to wear off the color because the color is thoroughly consistent from the inside out, exactly like solid gold. The beauty of gold-fill is that it will not oxidize or corrode as will occur with gold-plating over time.

Why do you use gold-filled?
The short answer is because we are 100% dedicated to providing quality jewelry to our customers. The long answer is that we conducted a little study of our own that involved a group of women wearing the same necklace for 60 days straight. The entire group put their jewelry on in the morning and removed their jewelry at night and prior to bathing or swimming as to not get any of the jewelry wet. One set of women were given necklaces made of gold-plate - as used by many top fashion jewelry brands. The other set were given the exact same style of necklace, but made of 14k gold-fill. After 60 days, the woman returned their necklaces to us and provided their feedback. The set of gold-plated jewelry we received back showed clear signs of worn off plating, leaving the base metal underneath exposed due to oxidization and corrosion. The set of 14k gold-filled jewelry we received back looked exactly the same as they did when it left our design studio. To be honest, we knew the 14k gold-filled jewelry would do amazing, but the gold-plated jewelry was clearly a disappointment. The clear difference in quality these women experienced first-hand was enough for us to want to use only 14k gold-fill for all our future delicate chains and designs. We simply want you to be able to enjoy your gold-filled jewelry for years or generations to come! The proof was in the pudding, and our gold-filled jewelry clearly came out on top as a favorite for the women who experienced wearing it.

How to care for gold-filled jewelry?
As with solid gold, it is best to store your gold-filled jewelry in a jewelry box or in a covered jewelry dish at night. Just like solid gold, gold-filled can tarnish, but this can easily be buffed off with a polishing cloth. While it is not recommended to get either solid gold or gold-filled jewelry wet, be sure to dry off any  jewelry if it happens to come into contact with water.

If you have any questions about our 14k gold-filled jewelry, please send us an email at


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