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Our JewelSafe™ Promise

JewelSugar® is the first and only fashion jewelry company to offer a JewelSafe™ Promise to our customers as your safety is our top priority.

What is the JewelSafe™ Promise?
When it comes to safety, we ensure that all items we sell and ship to you have never been worn, used or even "tried on" by anyone prior to its arrival to you. This promise is especially important for the sale of all earrings as the posts of earrings are essentially metal posts that enter the skin. You can rest assure that every purchase from us will be brand new and unused by anyone prior to its delivery to your doorstep.

How is your JewelSafe™ Promise different from how other companies handle their products and returns?
Some companies (including some your favorite top brands) will do the following as an example: A customer would like to return a pair of earrings and a necklace to a company. The company accepts the return and typically requests that the returned items be unused and unworn. However, the company has no guarantee that the customer has not worn the earrings and/or necklace prior to its return. Regardless of this, the company accepts the return because the jewelry still "looks" new. The customer receives a refund, but the products are then put back into their inventory to be re-sold to another unsuspecting customer as being brand new. Unfortunately, this practice unknowingly occurs quite often to unsuspecting consumers. That is why it is our goal as a company to provide our JewelSafe™ Promise that promises our customers that every single item purchased from us will be brand new, unused, and never worn or previously tried on by anyone prior to delivery. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that the products they will receive are always safely unused and brand new.

If you have any questions about our JewelSafe Promise, please email us at

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